Landmarks and Milestones

Generations of Builders, Building for Generations

For nearly a century, The Durst Organization has been a family-run real estate company grounded in simple but profound principles: Innovation. Integrity. Community. Sustainability. Today, those founding principles continue to guide The Durst Organization, prompting its leadership in environmentally responsible building practices and informing the company’s long-term approach to development.

Our Mission Statement: The Durst Organization is committed to providing the highest value and best service to our tenants, residents, and partners. We establish enduring relationships by developing sustainable workplaces and homes that benefit our environment.

Located in the Harlem Valley, this certified organic farm grows great-tasting foods from the ground up.
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McEnroe Organic Farm
This collection of New York City documents and memorabilia became a lifelong passion of Seymour Durst.
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Old York Library
Familiar to tourists and commuters alike, the Water Taxi fleet logs millions of passenger miles every year.
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New York Water Taxi
Before the necessary technology even existed, Seymour Durst conceived of this "deficit alarm" clock.
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National Debt Clock