ALEXANDER DURST - Chief Development Officer

Alexander Durst is Chief Development Officer and a fourth generation family member of The Durst Organization. Alexander began his career at The Durst Organization in 2005 working in building operations. He moved on to managing a portfolio of small residential buildings and the management of delinquent accounts in the company’s 13 million square foot commercial portfolio. He oversaw the restoration of seven buildings that were severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy on Front Street in Lower Manhattan.

Currently, Alexander focuses on project development, project management, financial analysis and acquisitions. Working closely with father Douglas, cousin Jonathan and his sister Helena, Alexander has helped oversee the financing, construction and entitlement of a 709-unit residential rental space building as well as a 500,000 square foot mixed–use project that includes retail, commercial space and rental apartments.

Alexander holds a B.A. and M.S. degrees in Geology and Earth Sciences and is a board member of the City Parks Foundation, an advisory board member to the New York State Board of the Trust for Public Land and is a Commissioner of the New York Region of New York State Parks.