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More than 170 business leaders sign letter urging Congress to accept Biden's win

New York (CNN Business): More than 170 prominent business leaders signed a letter urging Congress to accept the Electoral College results that declared Joe Biden as the next President of the United States "This presidential election has been decided and it is time for the country to move forward," the letter reads. "President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris have won ... There should be no further delay in the orderly transfer of power." The letter was published Monday by the nonprofit Partnership for New York City, a major advocacy group for the business community. The group's CEO, Kathryn…

Publication CNN Business
Date 2021-01-06
Author Alexis Benveniste

Igloos and Iceless Curling: How New York Hopes to Fight Off a Grim Winter

As New York City braces for a pandemic winter, many parks, plazas and open spaces that are so vital to its public life in warmer months have been transformed into cold-weather playgrounds Outdoor space has become essential for a crowded city with the virus surging and new restrictions imposed on indoor gatherings. As a result, the menu of outdoor offerings has gone beyond the usual ice rinks and winter festivities to make way for a far more robust outdoor culture. There is a new iceless curling cafe in Bryant Park in Manhattan, where players slide stones across five slippery synthetic…

Publication The New York Times
Date 2021-01-06
Author Winnie Hu

NYC’s climate change concern theater

New York City finally released recently its own long-delayed report card on environmental progress recently — more than a year late. The results were concerning and frustrating After several chest-thumping victory laps by City Hall and the City Council, proclaiming new “bold” policies, the most important city in the world was actually losing ground in achieving its climate change goals. In other words, it turns out that New York City’s environmental plan was just policy by press release. Overall, after years of forward momentum under Mayor Bloomberg, the de Blasio administration has made virtually no progress on reducing citywide greenhouse…

Publication New York Daily News
Date 2020-12-17
Author Douglas Durst

Branded Cities Signs Agreement for Broadway Plaza Digital

Branded Cities (“BC”), an iconic Out-of-Home media company, and The Durst Organization, a leading commercial and real estate company, announced an exclusive representation agreement to sell digital advertising and integrated marketing campaigns on a full-motion LED display located on Broadway between 42nd and 43rd Streets in midtown Manhattan The digital spectacular, which is now officially live, will be marketed by BC as the “Broadway Plaza Digital” and is located above one of Times Square’s main pedestrian areas on 151 West 42nd Street. At over 1,800 square feet, sized 19’ x 88’ with a 19’ x 7’ return, the full-motion and…

Publication Billboard Insider
Date 2020-12-17
Author The Durst Organization

Sven’s Glass Façade Nears Completion At 29-37 41st Avenue In Long Island City, Queens

Curtain wall work is nearing completion on Queens Plaza Park, aka Sven, a 762-foot-tall skyscraper at 29-37 41st Avenue in Long Island City and number 17 on our countdown of the tallest projects underway in the city.

Publication New York YIMBY
Date 2020-12-17
Author Michael Young