Completed: 1958

Architect: Emery Roth & Sons

Floors: 30

Total Square Feet: 425,000

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Ashlea Aaron The Durst Organization 212.257.6590
Tom Bow The Durst Organization 212.257.6610
Ashley Mays The Durst Organization 212.257.6596
Lindsey Ravesloot The Durst Organization 212.257.6518

655 Third Avenue

655 Third Avenue was the first project the Durst family built from the ground up. Seymour Durst leased and financed the building, brother Roy supervised management and brother David handled property construction and design—all under the watchful eye of patriarch Joseph Durst. Building features include a renovated lobby with turnstile security, double glazed-windows that deflect glare and reduce heat gain and a green roof. 655 Third Avenue is EPA ENERGY STAR® certified.

Major Tenants:
  • Loeb & Troper
  • Mitsubishi International Corporation
  • Nippon Life Insurance


Green buildings perform better than conventional ones. They save energy, use less water, generate less construction waste, and provide healthier and more comfortable indoor environments. Studies show that working in a green building increases productivity and reduces absenteeism. Green buildings provide tenants the opportunity to promote their healthy workspace to enhance their business brand and attract quality personnel.