Completed: 2005

Architect: Fox + Fowle (FxFowle)

Floors: 38

597 Units

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Jeff Winick Winick Realty Group 212.792.2601
Kenneth Hochhauser Winick Realty Group 212.792.2605
Steven E. Baker Winick Realty Group 212.792.2636
Ashley Gee The Durst Organization 212.257.6596
Ashlea Aaron The Durst Organization 212.257.6590
Tom Bow The Durst Organization 212.257.6610

HELENΛ 57 WEST (601 West 57th Street)

The Helena was the first residential rental tower built in 2005 on The Durst Organization’s residential superblock, 57 WEST, bounded by 11th and 12th Avenues and 57th and 58th Streets. The 597-unit residential tower has since been renamed HELENΛ 57 WEST to complete the block’s triad of rental residential properties, including VIΛ 57 WEST and FRΛNK 57 WEST.

HELENΛ 57 WEST is the first voluntary LEED residential tower in New York City. Earning LEED Gold, HELENΛ 57 WEST is also the first highrise residential building to launch an organics collection program. One of the building’s most innovative environmental features is the blackwater recycling system that reclaims about 43,000 gallons of waste water each day. Other sustainable features include expansive glass walls that maximize natural light, low-E coated double-pane windows to reduce ultraviolet light and minimize the need for heating and cooling, solar panels that provide supplemental energy, ENERGY STAR-rated appliances to reduce energy consumption, and recycled, renewable and locally sourced building materials constructed to reduce the environmental impact.

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