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How the Ferry is Changing the Brooklyn-Queens Waterfront

In the 1850s, Walt Whitman took a ferry from Brooklyn to Manhattan and did a remarkable thing — he wrote something nice about his commute. “Ah, what can ever be more stately and admirable to me than mast-hemm’d Manhattan? River and sunset and scallop-edg’d waves of flood-tide?”

Publication The New York Times
Date 2017-12-01
Author Stefanos Chen

National Debt Clock Returns From the Shop, Finds It’s Off by $687 Billion

It’s back. After nearly six months in the repair shop, the National Debt Clock was remounted in New York City near Times Square. Last week’s grim message: The U.S. owes its creditors $20,546,926,554,467.78. And in case that number doesn’t hit home, the digital tracker breaks it down: “Your Family Share: $172,560.”

Publication The Wall Street Journal
Date 2017-11-29
Author Anne Kadet

Sharper Image Times Square Holiday Pop-Up Shop Marks Short-Term Physical Store Comeback

The Sharper Image is back, but it may not be the store you remember. For the first time in 10 years the brand known for stuff you don't need but can't live without, such as massaging chairs, talking bathroom scales and fancy air purifiers, has opened a physical store — albeit for a limited time.

Publication CNBC
Date 2017-10-30
Author Kelli Ell


Law Firm WKB and Global Strategy Consulting Firm L.E.K. Sign Leases at 114 West 47th Street

Publication The Durst Organization
Date 2017-10-25
Author Jordan Barowitz

Fujitsu America, Two Other Tenants Renew at Durst’s 733 Third Avenue

Three tenants—Fujitsu America, Marwood Group and Continental Industries Group—have signed leases to remain at 733 Third Avenue between East 45th and East 46th Streets.

Publication Commercial Observer
Date 2017-10-11
Author Lauren Elkies Schram
675 Third Avenue- Green Roof Installation
Installation of the 675 Third Avenue Green Roof. First, the garden fabric is laid out over the full length of the rooftop as a base for the growing. Next, square sod pads are laid on top of the strips of garden fabric. A walking area is installed around the perimeter of the sod for the caretakers. Finally, the sod pads are planted, watered, and left to grow.