Coronavirus Update

The Durst Organization is open for business and we are adapting and managing in this new environment. Many of us are working remotely and our on-site staff are at our buildings keeping people healthy and safe.

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The Durst Organization’s Statement on the killing of George Floyd

We are horrified by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the other senseless deaths of African Americans at the hands of unlawful police or bigoted citizens.

These tragedies have highlighted racism’s destructive legacy in our nation and the profound inequality and unfairness that it engenders.

Clearly the anguish expressed by the protests is just. We have witnessed great moments of unity and hope, but the violence and destruction are painful.

We take tremendous pride at The Durst Organization in our civic engagement, philanthropy, and support of our City. The events of the last week underscore that now is the time to lift our heads, listen, and try to understand what is happening in our country.

All of us must do better.

We are committed to healing our City, fighting the scourge of racism, and building a world where everyone can thrive.

Date 2020-06-08
Author The Durst Organization