A green building is simply an efficient building, a productive workplace, and a healthy home. An efficient building is determined by its local environment and age. Workforce productivity is determined by the employees’ and residents’ interaction with their indoor environment.

Throughout the generations of building and managing New York City skyscrapers; The Durst Organization has always recognized the importance of efficiency and healthy indoor environments. The Durst Organization embraces innovative development, green practices and cutting-edge technology.

Through the years, The Durst Organization has found ways, large and small, to build green and maintain green. They decided to be a leader in green development following the refurbishment of their office portfolio in the 1990s. Jody and Douglas Durst raised the bar for efficiency in their fathers’ generation of buildings by implementing variable-frequency drives for ventilation systems, new elevator technology, and energy-efficient lighting.

When Four Times Square was built in 1999, it was hailed as the nation’s first green skyscraper. In 2008, The Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park became the nation's first LEED Platinum skyscraper.

Today, The Durst Organization maintains efficiency through its office portfolio by participating in the federal government’s expanded ENERGY STAR program. The Durst Organization has been named Top Performer in Commercial Real Estate among ENERGY STAR Leaders.

Leadership continues to push for a healthy and sustainable indoor environment by using certified cleaning products and a comprehensive office recycling program, as well renewable, reusable, and recyclable materials. For instance, the organization has used Carpet Cycle to recycle approximately 150,000 square feet of carpet and 140,000 square feet of acoustical ceiling tile by means of a comprehensive deconstruction program for office tenant moves and build-outs.

In 2008, The Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park became the nation’s first LEED Platinum skyscraper.

The Durst Organization continues to lead the way in environmentally responsible development, design, construction, and management.