David Neil
DAVID NEIL - Principal

David Neil is a Principal of The Durst Organization, overseeing the Commercial Leasing, Marketing, and Communications Departments. David began his career with Durst in 2009 in Property Management and subsequently oversaw the company’s Legal and Amenities Departments. Throughout his tenure, David has launched many initiatives including a business unit to attract film productions, the Durst employee innovation program, and brands such as DurstReady. Since 2014, David has spearheaded the effort to convert unutilized rooftops and setbacks into “green roofs” and useable terraces for office tenants, resulting in substantial value creation.

David is the former Co-President and Chief Operating Officer of New York Water Taxi / Circle Line Downtown, a maritime company that carried 1.5 million passengers per year in the New York Harbor. In 2017, David negotiated the sale of the company to New York Cruise Lines.

Prior to joining Durst, David was Director of Special Projects at ShoreBank and U.S. representative for the European-based real estate company Evohaus. He also created an independent publishing company, worked at the Nathan Cummings Foundation, and founded a nonprofit volunteer organization to eliminate prejudice and discrimination in local communities. He is involved with various public service efforts and is Board Chair of The Friends of Rockland Lake & Hook Mountain.

David received a Juris Doctor of Law from the University of Chicago Law School and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Vassar College.