David Neil
DAVID NEIL - Principal

David Neil oversees the company’s Commercial Leasing, Marketing, and Legal Departments. David began his career with The Durst Organization in 2009 in the Property Management Department focusing on tenant relations, life-safety initiatives, and management innovation. In conjunction with these responsibilities, David led the effort to plant an acre of "greenroofs" across various properties, convert unused setbacks into outdoor tenant terraces, install atop buildings beehives that produce jars of Durst honey, and launch a successful composting program for commercial buildings. David is also the former Co-President and Chief Operating Officer of New York Water Taxi / Circle Line Downtown, a former Durst Organization affiliated maritime company that carried 1.5 million passengers per year in the New York Harbor.

Prior to joining The Durst Organization, David worked as U.S. Representative for the European-based real estate company Evohaus, Director of Special Projects at ShoreBank, and Co-Founder and CEO of the publishing company Little Green Dreams LLC. He also worked at the Nathan Cummings Foundation and founded a nonprofit volunteer organization to eliminate prejudice and discrimination in local communities.

David received a Juris Doctor of Law from the University of Chicago Law School and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Vassar College. He is a board member of Breaking Ground and The Friends of Rockland Lake & Hook Mountain.